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IASME, Information Assurance for SMEs

IASME has developed, and now maintains, the information assurance management standard for SMEs, based on international best practice. It also licenses the assessors and issues certificates of compliance to the client, thus maintaining full control of the standard. This cyber security standard is particularly applicable to smaller businesses who are required to demonstrate good information security to their clients.

The IASME standard was originally funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to create an ISO27001 alternative for small companies. Consequently, the standard is based upon the ISO27001 international standard but written to be more affordable and achievable for the small company.

The IASME standard, at a realistic cost, allows the SMEs in a supply chain to demonstrate their level of cyber security and that they are able to properly protect their customers information.

Companies with the IASME accreditation now receive a significant discount on cyber liability insurance through Sutcliffe & Co. This insurance package has been specifically put together to be affordable for SMEs - so do contact Sutcliffe & Co if you would like to find out more.