Mapping to other Standards

Mapping the IASME Governance Standard against other Standards

The IASME governance standard maps closely to a number of widely recognised cyber security and assurance standards and guides. This means it can be used to demonstrate compliance to many of these standards.

The IASME team has mapped the standard and assessment question set to the standards listed below. The mapping comparisons are free for you to download. Although we have discussed the mapping with a number of experts in the field, it can always be improved upon and we would welcome your feedback. Please do contact us with any comments or suggestions on these mappings.

10 Steps to Cyber Security

The 10 Steps Guidance guidance was designed for organisations looking to protect themselves in cyberspace. The 10 Steps to Cyber Security was originally published in 2012 and is now used by a majority of the FTSE350

Download the mapping between IASME Governance and the 10 Steps Guidance here


NIS Directive - Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF)

One of the key objectives of the NIS Directive is to ensure that Operators of Essential Services (OES) take appropriate and proportionate technical and organisational measures to manage the risks to the security of network and information systems which support the delivery of essential services. The Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) is intended to assist in achieving effective security assessments

Download the mapping between IASME Governance and the CAF here