Supply Chain Offer

Supply Chain Offer

Do you need your suppliers to achieve Cyber Essentials certification? Suppliers to the UK MoD will need to do this. We can help you. For organisations who would like to buy a Cyber Essentials assessment for their supply chain companies we offer the following for the basic level Cyber Essentials:

  • Discount on the assessment price (see below)
  • Contacting your suppliers about this (via contact details you provide)
  • Sending them the questions
  • Sending them login details for assessment portal
  • Answering their questions about the assessment process through our help desk
  • Keeping you informed about their progress

If the subcontractor is UK based, certifies their whole company and has a turnover of < £20m they will receive automatic Cyber Insurance which gives them access to an incident response line (technical and legal) as well as other cover.

If you would like to order assessments for your suppliers or have any questions then please contact us. Please note that this offer is valid for purchases made before January 2017.


In addition to Cyber Essentials and for no extra cost, the companies will have the opportunity to answer the additional IASME governance questions to achieve a self-assessed governance certificate. These questions will be closely aligned to the additional Ministry of Defence governance questions in the DCPP CSM and be good preparation for all companies in the Defence supply chain to show compliance.

Bulk Buy Discount

The assessment is usually £300 + vat per organisation. The prices below are % discount on that figure.

5 -10 suppliers - 4% discount

10 - 20 suppliers - 8% discount

More than 20 suppliers - 10% discount

The payment must be made upfront, the suppliers will have up to 6 months to submit their assessment. Companies will be reminded to submit their assessments within this period but no refunds will be made if companies do not achieve certification or submit their assessments within that time.