IASME has been working with NCSC to review and update the Cyber Essentials Technical Controls. This has resulted in some changes to the assessment questions for all applications made on or after 26th April 2021. More significant changes will be made towards the end of the year. If you want to be assessed using the current set of assessment questions please submit your application before 26th April 2021. Any application made on or after this date will result in an assessment with the updated set of questions (Beacon) which can be downloaded below

The question sets (below) are assessment questions for applications made on or after 26th April 2021 (Beacon)

These questions are for information only. If you want to be assessed you cannot submit these questions sets to us. You must apply online for an assessment.


Once you have paid we will send you the login details for a secure online assessment platform. The questions will be the same as those you can download here but you need to complete the assessment on this portal for it to be assessed.

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