Cyber Essentials for Manufacturers

Cyber Essentials for Manufacturers

We regularly receive updates on the status of the UK manufacturing sector.  It’s a sector that is a strong barometer of the health of the UK economy and fluctuates readily depending on exchange rates, interest rates and political factors such as Brexit.  It is also a sector embarking on a new revolution, ‘Industry 4.0’.

Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing is opening up huge opportunities. Yet the factors which fuel Advanced Manufacturing, increased connectivity, big data, analytics etc, are also the very factors subjecting manufacturers to new vulnerabilities.

Manufacturers have their own supply chain and are integral to the supply chains of others.  Wherever there is a supply chain, there is a weakness for cyber criminals to exploit.  This potential vulnerability can put the whole of the chain at risk as each link provides an access point to other parts of the chain.

Manufacturers often have valuable IP on their products, designs and formulas.  This is sought after information that can cause untold damage if it fell into the wrong hands.  In all, this arguably subjects manufacturers to more than just the speculative cyber-attack; especially if involved in sectors delivering politically or ethically controversial products.

Cyber Essentials is a Government approved scheme shown to prevent and mitigate the majority of internet born attacks.  It is a certification scheme based around five main pillars which have been identified as the causes of a majority of internet born cyber breaches.  Through adopting Cyber Essentials, manufacturers can be seen to be taking significant steps towards protecting their business’ valuable assets as well as demonstrating to clients that they take information assurance seriously.

Adopting the IASME Governance can reduce the risk even further.  Designed to address areas of risk not covered by Cyber Essentials, the IASME Governance provides your business and your clients with added reassurance.

Increasingly Government, especially MoD, contracts are requiring valid Cyber Essentials certification before the award of contracts.  So, in addition to protecting your business, the adoption of Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance can help gain and retain business opportunities.

If you are a manufacturer with your own supply chain and want the reassurance that your suppliers treat their information assurance appropriately, then IASME has a package that can make it easier for you to monitor your own supply chains, see ‘supply chain assessment offer’.